Victorian Project: Finishing

I began finishing off my garment by neatening up the inside of the costume and  cutting in to all of the seams. This began with sewing on the facing for where the bodice attaches to the pouch panel as well as over locking all of the seams.

Then  to cut in to the seams I did a button whole over where on the seam I wanted to cut in to and then I cut in to the seam. The main cuts were done at the wait and over where there is a curve to help the seam to lay flat.


In the above picture you can also see where I folded back the pleats and sewed a small amount of cotton tape in place to hold down the pleats.

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In the above pictures you can see where I used the bias binding to bind off the bottom of my Victorian bodice, as well as one side of the 32 buttons that I had to sew on to the garment.

In the above pictures you can also see where i pinned along the costume to work out exactly where the buttons should be placed along the garment, the spacing is 3 cm between each button hole.

I also used bias binding to finish off the arm holes.

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I very much enjoy doing bias binding, saying that, It was certainly a struggle to try to battle against the arm hole to stitch the bias binding down, however the satisfaction from completion is indescribable, and defiantly makes up for all of the struggles.

The final step was to get all of the fastenings attached to my costume. that is 32 buttons positioned and sewn on to the pouch panel, as well as a hook and eye attached to the collar to hold that closed.


My working progress of the buttons.

I have yet to take photos of my finished garment, so instead I will let you enjoy the magic of my behind the scenes photos of how I work 😛

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When I do finally manage to get my costume photographed I will out the pictures up.


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