Victorian Project: Collar and Cuffs

There was an incredibly amount of back and forth when concerning making my collar and cuffs.

I drafted and redrafted many patterns and toiles in calico.

It got to the end where no one was making a decision and so I just make the cuffs, and make the collar and damned the consequences.

The pictures above are a small glimpse at the many different steps and redrafts that went in to creating my collar.

Eventually i decided that as I was making the pattern from a Janet Arnold book I would do away with trying to make my own pattern and just copied the one from the book.


Here you can see the interfacing on the inside of the collar.

I used a similar step for the cuffs and just followed the information from the Janet Arnold book to make them the correct size for the book pattern.


With the collars and cuffs done I was ready to attach them to the costume.

The cuffs where easy and having bound off the ends of the sleeves all I had to do was pin the cuff in to place and slip stitch the cuff down.

The collar positioning was slightly trickier as  the collar meets at the front, but due to the pouched panel I did not have a centre front opening. Instead I matched up the centre back with the centre of the collar and pinned and sewed from there.

Then with the end of the collar still open I slip stitched it all in to place to cover up any of the raw edges.

Collar and Cuff were complete, I could move on to the finishing and the end of the long arduous journey that was making this complex Victorian bodice.


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