Public Production: The Tail of Attaching a Collar

So with the collar pieces ready it was time to attach the collar to the dress.

First I did a stay stitch to keep the collar shape in place and to prevent it from stretching or moving around.

This would prove vital for later.


The 2.5 cm seam allowance was then trimmed down to a more manageable 1.5 cm seam allowance, then the collar was tacked in to place.


Then having tacked that in to the place, the collar facing, which would hide all of the raw edge seam allowance inside the dress, was then placed over the top and tacked in to place.


However it was at this point that thing became a little bit tricky and started to go wrong.

So as a filler the collar and collar facing had to be attached in two parts at the collar was in two parts, however the facing was now, it was one long continuance piece; so that itself arranged a certain amount of challenged when trying to fit it underneath the sewing machine.

However it was not until i got the dress back on the stand to check how the collar looked that I realised that something some where has gone very wrong indeed.

The front was very uneven, however the back looked absolutely amazing, perfectly even.

This became even more apparent as we went in to the fitting the next day and the dress then sat upon the actress.

We also did a bow toile in that fitting just to get an idea of how it would look, but as you can see from the above pictures something needed to be done about the collar and it needed to be done soon.

So then began the very long and arduous process of unpicking a row of machine stitching and two rows of tacking.

Then it was back to pinning and tacking, again in two layers, and once hand tacked placing the dress back on the stand to get an idea about how the collar was sitting.


Suddenly it was right, and I could get on to the job of hand tacking the facing in place, and machine stitching the collar sandwich together again.

Having thought I had come to an end of the collar, I put it back on to the stand…


To find out that the back was very uneven.

So it was back to my old friend the unpicker, and time to undo some more stitching; however i did only have to unpick the stitching to the shoulder line, and then ease the collar round to get it to the right length to match.


With the collar on straight and it all looking neat and tidy, I could move on to the fastening at the back, the bows and all of the finishings that needed to be done to complete the dress.


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