Public Production: Editing the Costume

From the fittings with the costume all pinned in, the pins had to be carefully moved so that they lined either side of the seam that was being taken in. This releases the fabric so that the seam can be turned in, and hand tacked in to place over the new more fitted seam lines.

Once hand tacked in to place the seams could then be sewn in machine, ready for the next fittings to come.

I also then cut out and mounted the quarter circle godet that goes at the centre back of the dress, helping to give more movement to the bottom of the dress and more movement for the actress.

I then spent about 4 hours unpicking all of the hand stitched tacks and mounting tacks out of the sewn seams.

Having mounted the quarter circle on to the outside fabric, I also hand tacked then machine stitched that in to place as well.

As you can imagine unpicking can send you a bit loopy and so I ended up getting very attached to my collection of threads, and ended up naming it and taking it home with my by the end of the day.

With all the seams, darts, shoulders and godet all sewn in to place, I can now concentrate on getting the collar attached to the dress, ready for the second fitting.

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