Public Production: Pattern Editing

To begin my pattern editing I began with a concentration on the bodice of the dress pattern.

I edited the positioning of the dart of the hips, moving it to a slight angle to help with the shaping of the hips on the bodice.

The dart was also thinned down, and with the thinning of the darts, the side seam needed to be brought in to give more shape to the waist of the dress.

This was done on the front, and then the same action was copied on the back of the pattern.

Next shoulder dart on the front of the dress, this was moved in to a princess seam that comes from the arm hole, and connects to the top of the waist darts.


Next the skirt was flared out from the knee down. This was done by splitting up the bottom of the skirt pattern in to sections, cutting these sections out, and shifting them to the correct orientation.

The desired collar line was the drafted on to the back and front of the dress pattern. Then the Shoulders were positioned next to each other to make sure there was smooth curve in the neck line, and that the shoulders match in length.

That is the pattern editing complete, ready to be made in to a toile ready for a fitting.


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