Public Production: Block Drafting

Having done an incredible amount of research we were given the designs for what costume we would be making for the production of After the Dance.

I am making black and white evening dress for the main Character Joan.

Here I did a bit more research finding similar ways in which this costume could be constructed, I would certainly be looking at using the bias cut of the dress to be able to achieve the right fall of the fabric.


This dress was bias cut and is from the movie Attonment which is set in a similar time to After the Dance.

I also took a look at the break down of fashion during this period from some books.

So with the design and the measurements for my actress it was time to start black drafting.

I only had to draft a bodice block and a skirt block. These would then to stuck together to form the beginning of a basic dress block.

With the blocks drafted I drafted them off again in to the two separate front and back sides, then placed them over each other so they become the full length dress.

Now my blocks are ready for some pattern editing.


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