Victorian Corset: Pattern Drafting

After a brief catch up on our measuring skills we were shown the corset type that we would be making this term.

We would be making out corsets in a black soft coutil, rather than the white fabric seen in the picture.


We would be making the corsets for a member of out own class to make fittings easier.

We were given a breif run down of how a corset should be laced, and in the case of at this period, corsets were laced and pulled in from the middle.

Most importantly to remember with a corset for costume is that naturally it should sit a couple of inches apart on the back, if the corset it touching it actually means that the corset is too large as it cannot be pulled in any more.

As all good costumes begin the measurements are taken and a bodice block is drafted up. In the case of this bodice block the instructions were edited a bit so that the drafted bodice block is skin tight for when editing.

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With the finished bodice block to finish it for drafting off before editing the bottom needed to be extended to reflect the fashion of the Victorian period where the corsets extended past the waist.

Next the darts seen at the side, front and back of the bodice block are mirrored on the new extended bottom of the block.

The lines at the side are curved to help fit the natural shape of hips better.

With that drawn the finalised extended bodice block is then drafted off with only the essential lines ready for editing.



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