Crown Braid Practice




With a little bit of spare time this summer holidays and my two cousins to practice; on I decided maybe it was about time I expanded my creative abilities.

I would love to be able to practice this sort of stuff on myself, but of course that is incredibly difficult, and I am not any where near some of these YouTube tutorial people.

At the time I was on holiday in Essex, at my Sailing Club, Stone Sailing Club, in St Lawrence bay , on the River Black Water, a tidal river…..Maybe that was a little too much information.

I do always love a good braid, and considering that one of my passions is to eventually make wedding dresses among other things, I have also thought it might be nice to dabble a little in wedding hair and make-up. (Perhaps less of the make up as I struggle to make my own face look nice, let alone some one elses…hahahahaha)

Moving along….

So with the willing participation of my elegant cousin I got to work attempting a Grecian crown braid. She had a beautiful fringe, but incredibly short hair, which made beginning the braid very difficult, however i persevered and managed to create what you see below.

With the amazing lavender high lights in her hair it might have been nice to weave flowers in to the braid as well. Of  course the best way to keep the hair in place is to bobby pin and hair spray within an inch of your life, but for this particular braid it was just nice to leave it as it. Considering that; firstly we only had 2 dark bobby pins; and secondly it was not meant to hold all day, and eventually I had to re-do the braid, as the shorter part of the hair was beginning to work its way loose and fall free.

With the hair in place we went on a little walk along the see wall, and stood at breezy point getting some gorgeous photos of the hair in the beautiful summer sun.

Thank you to my gorgeous cousin for being my fabulous model.

I hope to upload some more blogs over the coming years covering hair and make-up that I have done. Building up my portfolio of abilities.



A look like this would of-course be different dependent on hair type. I would say it would be easier on shorter hair, but I would certainly enjoy the importunity to attempt a similar look on long hair.

Photographer: Kate Peacham

Model: My Cousin


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