Making the Blouse

The first and probably most important step is to get the blouse cut out in fabric.

We had a good time trying to pattern match a very movable and loosely woven fabric.

With the pieces cut out it is time to flat tack all of the lines and iron on the interfacing before construction can begin

The first step is to get the side seams and shoulder seam sewn together.

The side seam done as a french seam and the shoulders a flat over locked seam.

pressed an ready for the next step


The next step was to over lock all of the raw edges that will eventually be folded in side of the blouse, but won’t be covered up by seams.

In the above picture you can also see the collar and the diagonal corner on the gown on facing have been stitched together as well as the inside raw edges over locked.

The two collar facing pieces are then sewn together at the shoulder mark.


Matching the collar shoulder to the shoulder point on the blouse, helped to make sure the collar facing sits neatly and flat against the blouse.


The collar and front facing are then all sewn in one.

Next the curves and corners are snipped in to before being turned inside out.

Turned out and pressed.

Next the edge of the sleeve is over locked before the the folding is done.

The sleeve is first pressed up on the top line, folded down again on the next, then folded under and machine stitch beneath the fold up on the outside of the sleeve.

The hem is the pressed in half and folded up on the hem line and top stitched down.

The finishing stages are sewing the buttons and doing the button holes.

I sampled and organised the positioning on the buttons and button holes.



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