Into Fabric

With the patterns ready we were ready to get our fabric cut out.

As if it was Christmas our Tutor disappeared to her office to collect the fabric, bringing in two or three large plastic bags.

We all collected our fabrics.

My partner and only got our jacket and skirt fabric, as our shirt fabric is the same fabric that our tutor is using.

With the fabric distributed we got to work, pressing out fabric, folding it in half and pinning down all pieces ready to draw around the seam allowance and cut out.

It was in this process that I realised just how thick out purple wool was, it was almost like a thick felt. This make the pinning process incredibly difficult.


With our pattern pieces laid out and ready we cut out our pieces ready for the next stage.


Cut out and shared out between my partner and I were ready to get some tailor tacking done.

Tailor tacking is mainly used-as its name suggests- in tailoring, it copies stitch line, balance marks and darts from one fabric to another, without having to use chalk lines or carbon paper, which could potential ruin your fabric.

Tailor tacking finished ready to move on to the next stage of the process, skirt construction.



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