Skirt Pattern Adaptation

The work on creating out 60’s three piece skirt suit begins with editing the basic pattern pieces.

So pattern editing began with adding a 2 cm button wrap to the center front of the skirt. The button wrap is added because the buttons are sewn to the centre front of the skirt, the button wrap gives an amount of extra fabric that sits behind the button, making the front of the garment look neater.

2 cm button wrap extended from the centre front

The next step was to draft out the pocket shape, this pocket being in a front pocket style.

Skirt pocket drafted by reference to the original design.

With that completed, the bottom of the skirt was extended by 5 cm for the hem and the skirt was also tapered in to create the pencil skirt shape see in the design.

Moving on to the back piece, the same extension of the bottom, return on the hem and tapering in was done.

Then the back skirt piece was split in to two panels, using one of the two skirt darts as reference.

Then you can draft off your patterns, using a great trick, pining together the pattern pieces, to stop the patterns moving, but to also be able to still move the paper around on the table.

Then as the pieces were being drafted off, a pattern was also drafted for the lining of the front skirt pocket pattern.

Both the skirt and the interfacing will be cut on straight grain lines, but because of the orientation of the fabrics compared to each other, their grain lines will be opposite and so will help to prevent the pocket opening from stretching out of shape.

The final step in the stages of drafting off the patterns was to create an extra amount of fabric to help create a split, that will be featured in the side of the skirt.


There you have it, the skirt pattern editing has been finished.



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