Three Piece Project

Our project for this term is to make a three piece suit, a blouse, a tailored jacket and a skirt.

We are working in pairs, creating one half of a design and then bringing it together at the end.

The beautiful design.

We have all been given different fabric for the final piece.

The design is early 1960’s inspired.

This design was created so that we could learn as many skills as possible, and so that we would all have the same skills going in to our second year.

My partner and I have been given a purple fabric for the skirt and jacket and a cream for the blouse.

Each of the six groups has been given a different standard dress size to make their costume too; my partner and I have been given size 10. We will be working on learning so many new techniques, that not having to fit it to the size of a person takes a weight off of the cut and construction of the costume.

That about sums it up, I am very excited to make this now, learning lots of new skills and collaborating with my partner.



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