Pattern Block Drafting

Having been briefed on our project our first job is to draft pattern blocks that we can adapt to the right style for the design.

We have to draft a basic bodice block, a sleeve block and a straight skirt block all for a standard size 10.


I found it really useful to have all of the sizes written on the bottom of my pattern paper as I was drafting the bodice block.

There is one step I really enjoy, that helps to finish off the bodice, it is folding out the darts and smoothing off the bottom of the bodice block.

Folded out darts

Next was drafting the sleeve block, which takes some of the measurements from the bodice block.

There is a dart on the sleeve so a similar folding out of the dart that was done on the bodice, is also done of the sleeve


To finish off the bodice and sleeve blocks balance marks are put on the bodice and the sleeve head to help the positioning of the sleeve head in the arm hole

P1050799Having worked out balance points and finished the sleeve and bodice it was time to draft the skirt.

I have never drafted a skirt pattern before so it was really interesting to work out.

I found that it was a lot easier than I would have originally thought.

There were also darts on the skirt pattern and so I got to do my favorite activity.

P1050800 Folding out darts!

I think I also really enjoyed drafting these patterns, or even drafting patterns in general because there is an amount of mathematics understanding needed to draft patterns.

I have always enjoyed maths, just not when needed in a test situation, other than that i enjoy a good amount of work to get the grey matter moving.

So there we are three patterns drafted in one day and drawn off ready for pattern editing later on.


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