Two Piece Skirt Placket

A two piece skirt placket in this style are most often seen on period skirts and crinolines.

Today we only made a sample, simply to teach up how to make the placket for future reference.

Most opening on skirts are 20 cm/8 inches, as was the case in this sample, as so we only had a little way to sew up from the bottom of our sample to the bottom of the 20 cm opening.

The next step is to stitch the binding to the placket opening, working from the outside and stitching the binding and placket together along the marked seam allowance.

Then  pressing the sewn line open.

the two bindings are then treated differently, as one will over lap the other. So the right side is folded all the way over, where as the left binding is folded in half to leave an amount of fabric that the right will overlap and fasten on to.

Right over left binding, with detailing on sink stitch.

The seams then get finished off on the larger binding, we did two separate techniques, slip stitch and sink stitch. The sink stitch can be seen above, below is the slip stitch.

Slip stitch detailing

To finish of the placket opening a 40 degree angle was sewn across the placket ending at the bottom point of the placket.

Finishing off extra seams by over locking them.

Finished off seams

Then on to creating the waist band. First you need to make sure that the top lines are matching up, one they are straight you can stitch petersham band to the top of the seam allowance, this strengthens the waist band.

Petersham band stitched for the waist band

After this you stitch the waist band to the fabric, stitch just below the petersham band, as the waist band will encase all of the petersham.

Petersham encased in waist band.

Then we used similar techniques to have we finished off the placket, on one side sink stitch on the other slip stitch finishing off the two part skirt placket.



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